About Me

Hi, my name is Sven Wichert, usually known as "Vulture" on the net. Born on the 6th of April 1974 I now live in Rösrath near Cologne, Germany. I study geophysics at the University of Cologne.

I started painting little men in the early 80′s, my first victims were some tiny plastic soldiers. In 1985 I discovered the world of roleplaying games and soon started to paint some strange metal miniatures to look like my various fantasy characters or scary monsters.

I didn′t know much about miniature painting during that time, the net wasn′t what it is today and as I didn′t play any tabletop games I had noone to share experiences with. So naturally almost all of my minis from that time look way too terrible to show to you.

Things stayed this way for many years and my collection of miniatures was growing only very slowly. But then, in early 2001 I discovered my first confrontation minis and everything changed. In a try to improve my painting skills to do those models justice I discovered the fast amount of websites on that topic. From this point on I was constantly trying to improve my painting skills. I discovered acrylic paints (no more headache from enamel paints), tried my hands on layering and blending and met some of Germany′s top painters and got tips from them. And, as a natural result of all this, I made my very first steps on a tabletop battlefield with my celts for Confrontation.

Only a few months later some new miniatures showed up in my local games shop - the armies of the VOID-universe had arrived. I bought a few just for the fun of painting them but then some friends talked me into a test game... in the end I now have about 7000 points worth of Viridians for VOID at home, lately acompanied by their UrbanWar-counterpart. For UrbanWar I have also already started a second faction (Syntha) and will probably start even more. My Confrontation-celts have grown into a full-fleged army as well (although only a small part is painted so far) and I started playing BloodBowl, using a self-created Norse team built out of GW′s chaos marauders.

Right now I have huge, constantly and way to quickly growing piles of metal and plastic at home, waiting for me to paint them. I am part of the playtesting team for UrbanWar and frequently run demos on that system at german conventions or in my local games shop in Cologne.

The glittering Prizes

After a while of improving my skills I felt confident enough to enter some of my miniatures in various painting competitions. Although there are still many things and aspects to improve on my painting I managed to win a few prizes:

Crisis 2007 Silver: Succubus (Single Miniatures Fantasy) Succubus
Silver: Elemental Forces (Diorama) Elemental Forces
DUZI 2007 2rd Place: Elemental Forces (Diorama) Elemental Forces
3rd Place: Future Widow (Sci-Fi Miniature <40mm) Future Widow
mini-Art-con 2007
′The Red Devil′
2nd Place (Silver): Sewer Rats (Units 30mm) Sewer Rats
Crisis 2006 Best of Show & Best Fantasy Unit: Skarfjell Slayers Skarfjell Slayers
Gold: Skarfjell Slayers (Unit Fantasy/Sci-Fi) Skarfjell Slayers
Gold: Sewer Rats (Unit Fantasy/Sci-Fi) Sewer Rats
Silver: Elemental Forces - Water (Single Miniatures Fantasy/Sci-Fi) Elemental Forces - Water
Silver: Elemental Forces - Fire (Single Miniatures Fantasy/Sci-Fi) Elemental Forces - Fire
DUZI 2006 3rd Place: Hercules Biomech (Single Miniatures Sci-Fi) Hercules Biomech
3rd Place: Sewer Rats (Unit) Sewer Rats
Miniaturansichten 2006
′The Red Devil′
3rd Place: Saurian Rider (Large Models Masterclass) Saurian Rider
ChickChallenge V (2005) 2nd Place: Elemental Forces - Fire (Non-Human) Elemental Forces - Fire
GamesDay Germany 2004 1st Place: Skarfjell Slayers (BloodBowl) Skarfjell Slayers
FeenCon Germany 2004 3rd Place: BloodBowl Ogre (Monster) BloodBowl Ogre
ChopCon Denmark 2004 Best Painted Army: 8th Viridian Guard RCG Viridian Army