How to paint skin - my way ;-)

I got many questions how I painted the skin of my bloodbowl minis. While painting the next bunch of minis of my team I took the opportunity and created this tutorial

I used Reaper Pro Paints (only 3 colors needed - Volcanic Brown (#8025), Ruddy Flesh (#8031) and Caucasian Flesh (#8029)) exclusively on this miniature. The contrast on this skin is pretty high but you can adjust that easily by using less color while mixing the shadow and highlight colors.

Here is a color chart of the used colors:

Skin- Color Chart

Pics of the finished minis can be found in my Games Workshop'-gallery.

Skin- Step 1 Step 1:

Prime the mini white and give all skin parts a nice and even basecoat with Ruddy Flesh (#8031).
Skin- Step 2 Step 2:

Mix the Ruddy Flesh (#8031) with a little bit of Volcanic Brown (#8025) as the first shadow color. Thin the paint quite a lot and paint it into the recesses and along the borders of clothes and such.
Skin- Step 3 Step 3:

Add some more Volcanic Brown (#8025) to the mix for the second shadow color. Thin down too and paint it again in the recesses and along the borders but leave a thin line of the first shadow color visible.
Skin- Step 4 Step 4:

Now mix Ruddy Flesh (#8031) with some Caucasian Flesh (#8029) and use this to paint the first highlight layer. Apply the paint to all raised areas of skin, leaving a thin line of the base color visible between the new layer and the first shadow color.
Skin- Step 5 Step 5:

Add some more Caucasian Flesh (#8029) to the mix and repeat step 4, again leaving a thin line of the last color visible.
Skin- Step 6 Step 6:

Again add some more Caucasian Flesh (#8029) and repeat step 5.
Skin- Step 7 Step 7:

For the final highlights use pure Caucasian Flesh (#8029) and paint it on the mini using quick, short, feathering strokes (somewhat like drybrushing). Apply these highlights only sparingly to the most raised parts of skin.
Skin- Step 8 Step 8:

To protect the skin during future painting I covered it with some matt varnish. A second advantage of this protection is that it's much easier to remove any failed tries to paint some tattoos/warpainting on the skin (something I have in mind for my BB minis).