The News

04. November 2007:

After a very busy time (with two big painting competitions - see the results here - and a very funny but stressy weekend at the Spiel ′07 games fair) it′s time to present you my latest finished mini, FreeBooters Succubus:


And then I also have to announce something bad - it seems that someone has stolen a few of my minis out of the display cabinet in a shop where I had them on display. The minis in question are 3 of my UrbanWar minis and I would greatly apprechiate any help in trying to get my minis back - so if you see them on eBay or on a gaming table or somewhere else please drop me a note! The 3 minis are these:
STOLEN MINIATURES!!! Colonial Marine 5 Colonial Marine Sniper 1 Colonial Marine Sniper 3 STOLEN MINIATURES!!!

6. August 2007:

Okay, yesterday it was time for GamesDay Germany again and of course I tried my luck at the Golden Demon competition. But unfortunately none of my two entries even made first cut. :(

One of my entries was my unit of IG Kasrkin, the same I couldn′t finish in time for last year′s GamesDay Germany. I improved them quite a bit and will try to provide new pics as soon as possible.

My second entry was a diorama I call ′Elemental Forces′ - as set of 4 demonettes, each one painted up to represent one of the 4 elements. I had this idea since when I painted my first demonette in an all fiery scheme for the ChickChallenge V back in 2005. There are a number of pics of that entry, showing bot the entire diorama and each demonette individually.

Elemental Forces - Water Elemental Forces - Air Elemental Forces - Earth Elemental Forces - Fire Elemental Forces - Water

5. May 2007:

Since I got a new digital camera lately I have started to take new pics of many of my miniatures as most of the older pics were done using my scanner. I will replace the pics in my galleries over the next few months, additionally combining the views of the same model from different angles into one picture. In the end the plan is that there is only one picture of each miniature which provides views from different angles and sometimes even detail views.
Right now I have already finished reworking the pics of my UrbanWar miniatures.

25. March 2007:

Yesterday the first mini-Art-con took place in Mülheim and der Ruhr, Germany. The convention is the new home of the Red Devil Painting contest and of course I had to enter some stuff there. Right in time for the contest I finished my second FreeBooter miniature called ′Future Widow′.

Future Widow

She scored me a 5th place in the ′Best of FreeBooter Miniatures′ category while my water demonette scored me another 5th place in the ′Single Miniatures 30mm′ category. But I also brought one Devil back hime with me for scoring 2nd place in the ′Units 30mm&prime′ category with my GW Sewer Rats. See more in the 'About Me' section. There also is a gallery with pics I made at the event here.

05. November 2006:

Finished another demonette of my ′Elemental Forces′ set as my entry to the Golden Angel 2006 contest (sorry, the page is only in german).

Elemental Forces - Water

And I visited the Crisis convention in Antwerpen, Belgium, for the first time yesterday. To my amazement I managed to win two silver and two gold trophies with my entries and even won ′Best Fantasy Unit′ and ′Best of Show′ with my BloodBowl team! What a blast! Check the 'About Me' section for more details.

13. October 2006:

I added a bunch of new links to the 'Links' section of the page. And I finally uploaded some information 'About Me', including a listing of prices I won so far at various contests.

09. October 2006:

Again a way too long time without proper news on this page - my apologizes for that. I have added tons of pictures, mainly for UrbanWar but there are others too.

- I again tried my luck at this years GamesDay Germany but failed to complete my entry in time. So instead of entering a whole unit of IG Kasrkin on scenic base I could only enter the sergeant of the unit. What a bugger. But in the meantime I have finished the whole unit and its base (but please note that the pics in my gallery aren′t up-to-date, I have changed a lot of details lately and need to retake the pics at some point).

Sewer Rats

- I managed to finish my first Freebooter miniature, hopefully this will be the start of painting many more of Werner Klocke′s beautiful minis.

Darkelf Sorceress

- There are numerous of new minis in the UrbanWar gallery, mostly of my main faction, the viridians. But I also started a second faction, the Syntha, and so far managed to finish two minis from them. I won′t list them all her but only a small selection. Please check the gallery for all of them.


HMG Team Mortar Team Urban Interdict Saurian Rider with HGR Shock Marine Sergeant


Artemis Biomech Hercules Biomech

19. April 2005:

I managed to take some half decent pics of my second entry for the ChickChallenge V and therefore the is a new gallery in the fantasy section.

Greater Demon

14. April 2005:

I added a new tutorial on how I painted my Urban War viridians. Check the Tutorials-section.

07. April 2005:

As last year I was in Denmark again to visit ChopCon 2005. Again there are a bunch of pictures of the event and a event report will follow soon too.

ChopCon 2005

28. March 2005:

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!!! I was a very lazy boy since the last update. Although I uploaded tons of new minis and new tutorials I never updated this news page. I could try to give excuses here but instead of that I will try to keep you better informed from now on.

I will now try to sum up the most important additions to this page over the last year (in no particular order):

- Just a few weeks back Jason Moses held another round of his famous Chick Challenge and sure as hell I took part again. I entered two minis but only uploaded one of the entries so far to my galleries (due to technical problems taking pics of the second one). And to make things even better my demonette scored 2nd best in the nonhuman category!


-At the beginning of this year I started with Urban Mammoths new game Urban War (UW, a skirmish-game in the VOID universe) and therefore also had to paint some of the new UW minis.

VCM Sergeant VCM Sniper 1 VCM Sniper 2 VCM Grunt 1 VCM Grunt 2 VCM Grunt 3

- In August 2004 I visited GamesDay Germany for the second time and took part in the Golden Demon painting competition with my Norsca BloodBowl team. To my great astonishment I not only made first cut but my team scored 1st place in the BloodBowl category - what a blast!!!

BloodBowl Team

- And even more prizes - at the FeenCon 2004 the ogre of my BloodBowl team scored 3rd place in the fantasy single miniature category of the events painting competition. Additional to taking part in the painting competition I was making VOID demo games the whole weekend long for Funtastic Games. There are a bunch of pics of the weekend in the events section.

BloodBowl Ogre FeenCon 2004

- Finally I just want to announce that I will visit ChopCon in Denmark again next weekend and plan to make an event report of the weekend again.

14. April 2004:

OK, it seems that I am in some kind of paintaholic state right now - I have finished 2 new miniatures: Kevin White's (Hasslefree Miniatures) 'Kjaran' and 'Inga'. Because of this there is of course a new 'Hasslefree Miniatures'-gallery in the sci-fi section.

Kjaran Inga

07. April 2004:

I rearranged the 'Events' section of my page and added my report of ChopCon 2004 in Denmark.

05. April 2004:

OK, I was a bit lazy the last months - I uploaded some new minis without updating this news page. So I will do a big update now!

I was in Denmark at ChopCon this weekend and took part in the VOID tornament with my viridians. So I did my very best to paint up all the minis I would need for this event (unfortunately I ran a bit out of time and so couldn't finish the riders of the terrasaur grunts). But nevertheless, here are the new VOID minis:

VOID Commando 6 (prone) VOID Commando 7 VOID Commando 8 VOID Commando Flame Thrower 2 VOID Terrasaur 1 VOID Terrasaur 2 VOID Terrasaur Spotter
VOID Jaguar Strike Craft 2 VOID Jaguar Assault Craft 1 VOID Jaguar Strike Craft Sergeant 1
VOID Armored Comm Station/HQ-bunker

Additionally in January there was a GW painting contest here in Germany - one got a free new bretonian knight to paint and then bring back to take a pic of it. A friend persuaded me to take part:

Bretonian Knight

23. January 2004:

There is a new tutorial up on my site: Painting a VOID terrasaur.

03. January 2004:

There is some sort of terrain contest running on MiniForums. The piece in question is a tower (either sci-fi or fantasy or whatever else). Deadline is January 11th but I was a bit early so here is my entry:

VOID Armored Watchtower

20. December 2003:

After some major problems with my webserver my site is running again and I have a bunch of new minis for you:

Norse Blitzer 1 Norse Blitzer 2 Norse Blitzer 3 Norse Catcher 1
VOID Marine Mortar Team (spotter) VOID Marine Mortar Team (ammo) VOID Marine Mortar Team (gunner) VOID Marine Mortar Team (weapon) VOID Marine Grenade Launcher 1
Mage: Virtual Adept
Kelen 2 Fianna Musician The Gorgon
Kurf the Swift

29. October 2003:

Ok, I bought a bunch of minis at the Spiel '03 in Essen, Germany last week. Among these are some Jaguar Strike Crafts for my VOID army. I have to admit that I had to paint one right away and finished it within 3 days (ok, nearly finished, I am still unsure about what kind of base I should use):

Jaguar Strike Craft 1

01. October 2003:

There is a new (and much better) pic of my old dark emissary in the GW-gallery. Many thanks to Holger Schmidt, who took the pic.

Dark Emissary

22. September 2003:

There is a new tutorial up on my site: How to paint skin.

05. September 2003:

Some new minis in the GW-gallery - three norse BloodBowl-minis, converted from plastic chaos marauders:

Norse Thrower Norse Lineman 1 Norse Lineman 2

24. August 2003:

My first visit to a GamesDay is over, I am back with a bunch of pics of the event and therefore there is a new gallery in the 'Events'-section:

GamesDay Germany 2003

15. August 2003:

Just one new mini for today, a human paladin from WotC. I painted this mini for a friend at work, who will use it in his AD&D games as his player character:

Human Paladin

22. July 2003:

WARNING: Godzilla escaped!
And he is armed now:

VOID Terrasaur Sergeant 1

03. July 2003:

Slowly my VOID army grows... :

VOID Assault Marine Rocket Launcher 1

03. July 2003:

I finished this a few minutes back:

VOID Shock Marine Grape Gun 1

22. June 2003:

Some more minis:

Kelen 2 (diorama)
VOID Marine Sergeant 2 VOID Commando 5 (prone)

17. June 2003:

Some new minis arrived:

VOID Commando Sergeant 2 VOID Strike Commando Sergeant 1

29. May 2003:

I created a new section for my page - 'Events'. It will show pics of conventions, exhibitions and such that I visited. For now it contains some pics from the 'Miniaturansichten' 2003 in Witten, held on the 25th of May.

Miniaturansichten 2003

08. April 2003:

Miniatureexhibition in Germany!

Holger Schmidt of is planning a miniature show in Germany. The show will be held on sunday, 25th of may, 2003, in Witten (just near Dortmund and Bochum). He is looking for mini painters who are interested in attending and displaying their painted miniatures. International painters are welcome. There will only be limited space so he will have to choose the final participants. Painters will get a free table. The show will be sponsored by Excalibur Miniatures. Miniatures can be of fantasy, sci-fi and historical ranges in different sizes but should be painted with a high standard. Anyone interested should contact him at

The following artists already confirmed their participation:

Stefanie Arndt - Sascha Bernhardt - Elena Brodskaja - Henning Forster
Guido Günther - Werner Klocke - Oliver Klon - Jan Felix Meier
Stefan Niehues - Claudia Oberhaus - Franz Sander - Holger Schmidt
Bernd Siepmann - Markus Steinhäuser - Dirk Stiller - Ines Swars
Michael Volquarts - Sven Wichert - Andrea Wille - Sabine Wolfmeier

07. April 2003:

Just one mini I forgot to mention in the major update - a commando flamethrower:

VOID Commando Flame Thrower 1

05. April 2003:

OK folks, here is a major update for you:

After a very busy weekend I managed to finish a bunch of VOID minis - the missing gun for my assault marine gauss cannon team, a complete commando mortar team, 3 commandos and sergeant Kurt Kwinsky, a special commando sergeant.

VOID Assault Marine Gauss Cannon Team (gun) VOID Commando Mortar Team (spotter) VOID Commando Mortar Team (ammo) VOID Commando Mortar Team (weapon) VOID Commando 2 VOID Commando 3 VOID Commando 4 VOID Sergeant Kurt Kwinsky

25. March 2003:

I have finished the first Shock Marine for my VOID army. It's Major Icharus Trask, a great hero wearing 2 deadly vibro scythes.

VOID Major Icharus Trask

02. February 2003:

Here is one more mini, finished a week before the last 4 but I had left it at my local gaming shop. It's an assault marine flamethrower.

VOID Assault Marine Flame Thrower 1

29. January 2003:

There was nothing new for some time because of job, university and such. But now there are 4 new minis, all part of my VOID army. The minis are a marine sniper, a 'medic' for my marines (I think I can call him my first real conversion as I placed a helmet onto his head), my first normal assault marine and an assault marine chaingunner.

VOID Marine Sniper 1 VOID Marine 'Medic' VOID Assault Marine 1 VOID Assault Marine Chaingun 1

05. December 2002:

The first new mini after I changed the gallery system - I finished 'Vasquez', a marine chaingunner for my VOID army.

VOID Marine Chaingun 1

30. November 2002:

I changed most of my galleries to a script-based system. This new system allows you to leave comments on my pics and has a cool search function to find specific pics. As an example, if you are searching for my Rackham centaur just type 'centaur' into the search box in the top right corner of each gallery-page and you should get all pics of it. The only drawback is that I have lost the cool image changing effect I formerly had. But I guess the new functionality is worth it.

26. November 2002:

Again two new VOID minis today, famous Lieutenant Johnny 'G' and a commando chaingunner.

VOID Lieutenant Johnny 'G' VOID Commando Chaingun 1

23. November 2002:

Two new VOID minis today, a commando (funny guy to paint) and the spotter for the assault marine gauss cannon team.

VOID Commando 1 VOID Assault Marine Gauss Cannon Team (spotter)

18. November 2002:

I added my 2 entries for Jason Moses's Chick Challenge III, a VOID commando sergeant and Rackham's iron priestess.

Griffon Iron Priestess
VOID Commando Sergeant 1

04. November 2002:

While taking pics of my CC3 entries with a friends digicam I took the opportunity to take some more pics of minis with bad pics from scanning or that I couldn't scan propperly.

The new pics are from a VOID Marine HMG Team. I finished this minis some month's ago but can't get good looking scans, especially from the gun itself.

Additionally I took some new pics from my celtic centaur with 2 etxra detail pics from the head in his hand.

Celtic Centaur
VOID Marine HMG Team (gun) VOID Marine HMG Team (sotter) VOID Marine HMG Team (ammo)

02. November 2002:

Just one new mini for you - the ammo guy of an assault marine gauss cannon team.

And I painted 2 minis for Jason Moses's Chick Challenge III. But again, you will have to wait for pics until the show is over and the winners are announced.

VOID Assault Marine Gauss Cannon Team (ammo)

03. September 2002:

Last Saturday (31. August) I held my first painting demonstration at the Cologne Con. I still can't believe that this happens - people asked me how to paint this or that, how to shade and highlight and so forth.
Man, not much more than a year ago I had little idea of those things by myself and now I infect people with the figmentia virus. ;-)
During this event (nearly 10 hours of painting with only short breaks to eat something) I finished 3 more VOID minis: The sergeant of my marines, a marine rocket launcher and the assault marine sergeant.

VOID Marine Sergeant 1 VOID Marine Rocket Launcher VOID Assault Marine Sergeant

29. August 2002:

Today I have 2 more minis for you:

I finished the 4th VOID marine.

And I painted my first GW-mini - a dark emissary - and therefore there is a new 'Games Workshop'-gallery. I painted this mini for a local painting contest. It's not over right now, so I don't know if I have won anything. ;-)

Dark Emissary
VOID Marine 4

19. August 2002:

I added my first celtic centaur to the 'Rackham'-gallery.

Celtic Centaur

16. August 2002:

I added a new marine to the 'I-Kore'-gallery and a male halfling monk I painted for a friend to the 'WotC'-gallery.

Halfling Monk
VOID Marine 3

26. July 2002:

I uploaded some shots of my VIC 7 entry to the newly created 'Reaper'-gallery.
Also new is the 'I-Kore'-gallery, which contains 2 viridian marines so far.

Vicky the bug-slayer
VOID Marine 1 VOID Marine 2

28. April 2002:

I uploaded the detailed version of my tartan-tutorial.

25. April 2002:

I managed to finish my next mini, Kelen the adventurer. It will be the centerpiece of my celtic Confrontation army and I am very pleased with the result.
I also altered the navigation of my site a bit and created a new folder: Tutorials. Not so much stuff in there so far, only the building manual of my orcish hut and some pics of how I did the tartan pattern on Kelens cloak.


19. January 2002:

I took some new pics of my earth elemental. I tried to cover the semi-gloss sealer with another layer of dull-coat but with only limited success. But the new pics are a little bit better and I added two more detail shots.

Earth Elemental

15. January 2002:

I added my entry in Fantizations Confrontation Contest, the earth elemental.

Earth Elemental

18. November 2001:

OK, here it is: My first Fianna and my entry in Jason's Chick Challenge II.

Celtic Fianna

09. November 2001:

Three new mechs added to the 'Ral Partha'-scifi-gallery.
And I have written the 'building manual' of my orcish hut. It can be found with the hut in the 'scenery'-gallery.
Unfortunately Jason's Chick Challenge II is a little late due to the mass of entries. Though you will have to wait a little longer before I will post my Rackham Fianna.

04. November 2001:

I added the finished celtic standard bearer to the 'Rackham'-gallery.
And to tease you, I finished my entry in Jason Moses's Chick Challenge II - one of Rackhams Fiannas. But you will have to wait to see some pics - they will first appear anonymously on Jason's page for voting (on the 7th of November) and second - after the challenge is over - here on my page (on the 14th of November I guess).

Celtic Standard Bearer

25. October 2001:

I did major changes to all galleries, reworking the layout to add some statements to each miniature.
I also added 16 pics of some BattleMechs to the 'Science-Fiction/Ral Partha'-gallery

22. October 2001:

My new Miniatures-Page goes online.

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